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Tools to search and browse the TB Genome
Gene expression correlation displayThis server presents the pairwise gene expression correlation for two or more genes. For a set of genes you can get all the pairwise correlations and express it as a matrix, graphically display it.
Operon SearchSearch for operons and directons in the TB genome. Known operons are listed by name. These data will be expanded as more sources are found.
The Genome browserGraphically scan the entire TB genome for information on each ORF with indications of any predicted operons and includes links back to the quick search page for more gene information
ORF Progress search toolSearch the status and progress of MTb ORFs that are targeted and pursued by consortium members.
Structure GallerySee the protein structures determined by members of the consortium.
Structure Summary pagesThis page is a front page portal to the structure information on known TB proteins. All other WebTB servers can be accessed from this page, including the Gallery and JMOL viewer.
MTBreg DatabaseA database of proteins up- and down-regulated in Mycobacterium tuberculosis grown under conditions mimicking infection as well as information on proteins that are regulated by selected transcription factors or other regulatory proteins.
TBDB Legacy ToolsLegacy tools from the former TBSGC site to search and browse the TB Genome

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